October 19, 2009

Unravel the Mystery

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There are only few days left before the semester ends and everyone is severely toxicated studying for the exams and meeting the deadlines for the course requirements. Of course, we, OrCom people, are not exempted from such grave toxicity (btw, I am currently doing my thesis, which will be passed tomorrow. LOL). But, since OrCom world is indeed an exceptional one, we were still able to party hard last Friday, October 9, despite all the exams and deadlines we have.

In OrCom, when we say party, it’s not exclusive to just having fun. I am proud to say that we know how to party meaningfully. How is that so?


The Event: Cirque was an event conceptualized and organized by UP Manila Adhere for the Top Party School competition of QTv 11’s Events Incorporated. The competition was joined in by a number of university-based organizations, and fortunately and deservingly, UP Manila Adhere group, in which I was a member, won. Therefore, the event was made into reality in partnership with QTv and other sponsors. 😀

The value: Cirque was a fabulous and entertaining party themed like an underground circus. The event was a call for the youth that an alcohol and drug-free party is the more pleasing way to get high and have fun. Given that, the event tagline was “Fulfill your fantasy without the ecstasy.”

DARE foundation, which takes care of drugs victims, and the victims of typhoon Ondoy were the beneficiaries of the proceeds of the event.

The Models (OrCom ladies :D)

The Models (OrCom ladies :D)

The people and the program: Since the youth was the target audience of the event, we intended to have talents who are also members of the youth. The program included a fashion show in which student models showcased the designs of the students of the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. There were also magicians who performed their exhilarating tricks in between the fashion show sets.  And to further enliven the party, there was a performance from the band Pedicab.

OrCom 152 relevance: New Social Media was a great help in promoting the event especially that the target audience is very much into Social Networking Sites. The marketing committee came up with multiply, facebook and twitter accounts of the event to complement the TV and radio commercials and the poster ads.

CIRQUE on FB, multiply, and twitter

CIRQUE on FB, multiply, and twitter

The promotion on New Social Media was indeed of great help. To cite a concrete and most evident advantage, promotion in New Social Media was more personal and targeted. An attestation to my claim was the way we received feedback and sent answers from and to the persons who were interested on the event. The moment we posted the link on our homepage, our friends instantly commented and we were able to give our answers right away. Even the guests were able to confirm via FB easily and conveniently.

Guest confirmation via FB

Guest confirmation via FB


To end this entry, I would like to congratulate the organizers and thank all the attendees of Cirque. 😀

UP Manila Adhere :D

UP Manila Adhere 😀

you can also read this article http://www.mb.com.ph/articles/224945/events-inc-presents-top-party-school-saturday-night


Silver Screen: Showcasing 25 Years of Organizational Communication

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OrCom silver

OrCom silver

Finally, after the postponements, the OrCom Silver Anniversary and Alumni Homecoming took place last Saturday, October 10. The event was absolutely a celebration for the whole OrCom community. The party was a showcase of successful, insightful, and fun OrCom memories. And not to forget, all the attendees conformed to the Silver screen theme as everyone looked gorgeous and dressed fabulously that night. 😀 So, the picture taking on the photo wall was very enjoyable.

TIMBER w/ Alvina :D

TIMBER w/ Alvina 😀

To gather all the OrCom graduates from batch 1984-2009 was something that was not easy at all especially that most of the OrCom alumni have very hectic schedule in their work that is why we were very happy that many of the alumni still attended the event. It was very delightful to see OrCom students and graduates get together and share stories especially when I saw their beautiful smiles and heard their cheerful laughter. It made me realize that there are indeed a lot of wonderful stories to share as an OrCom student and an alumnus.

OrCom Alumni

OrCom Alumni

The hosts for the night were Earl Guico who is currently working in GMA-7 and Alexandra Puruganan, a senior student and DJ in Mellow 94.7. The tandem was fantastic and they related to the audience very well. 

Hosts Alex and Earl with OrCOm Lifetime achievement Awardees Dr. Sarile and Prof. Vacquer

Hosts Alex and Earl with OrCOm Lifetime achievement Awardees Dr. Sarile and Prof. Vacquer

Dr. Sarile and Professor Vacquer were given tributes. Students and alumni shared their memorable stories with Dr. Sarile and Prof. Vacquer and the stories they shared affirmed even more how wonderful the members of the OrCom faculty are. The faculty helps facilitate not just academic learning but also personal growth for the students through the words of wisdom they share, like the story Lou Camaclang shared about how Dr. Sarile inspired her to be passionate in whatever she does and the parental affection the professors convey, like the story of Hannah Sanchez about the cookies and cakes that Prof. Vacquer graciously bake for her students.

The games and awards were also enjoyable as representatives from different batches picked questions about their memorable OrCom stories. Not to forget the 10 lucky winners of ETC giftpacks and 4 returned ticket payments. And since everybody dressed well for the event, there were winners for the best outfit. Also, the early comers were given prizes.

Another wonderful highlight of the party was the fashion show of Yako Reyes’ bag designs. OrCom students showcased their grace and good looks in the fashion show. Indeed, OrCom people have both form and substance. 😀 

OrCom Models

OrCom Models

Madame Mikee Inton formally ended the program with her closing remark. She thanked everyone who worked for and attended the event.

The OrCom Silver Screen was definitely a successful celebration. I look forward to the time when I will be attending an OrCom party as an alumnus and muse over my OrCom stories just like how the alumni who attended the party did. 😀

October 2, 2009

calamities updates in SNS

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We were supposed to have our OrCom 25th anniversary and Alumni homecoming celebration last Saturday, September 26, but due to the very bad weather, the event was postponed to, supposedly, tomorrow, October 3.But, again, the homecoming and now an event for a cause was postponed to October 10 due to another typhoon, which is predicted to be a supertyphoon.

Almost every time I check my phone or FB since yesterday, I receive text messages and read posts on facebook regarding typhoon Pepeng. Tomorrow after the typhoon hits the Philippines, twitter and facebook will be one of the primary information banks regarding the aftermath of the typhoon Pepeng just like how it was during typhoon Ondoy. However, I hope that this time, videos and news shared won’t be as heartwrenching.

Stay safe everyone. I’ll wait for the twits and the posts. Surely, facebook and twitter help a lot in sharing real time and up to date information around the world.


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I thought I would never dare to upload this video here in my blog because I do not like the thought that I am being watched in a video. Yes, I almost died when I first saw this video. And, the thought of it being played and watched, by as what the youtube statistics says, 1,200 times over was very much frustrating for me if not only because of the possible good grade that this figure signifies. And, for the sake of having something to share to you, I dare upload this video for your entertainment and for another round of annoyance on my part. HAHAHA. =))

This is the video our group called DIGITAL SUICIDE. (The moment you click on the video, I die. hoho)

The Story Behind

It was a month ago when we were tasked by our OC 152 professor to make a viral video. Our group had three meetings before we could actually decide on the theme of our viral video. Our initial plan was to do a video series regarding toilet ethics.

 Actually, the video series wasn’t something very interesting for me and I doubted if it will make our video viral. So, on the day of our shooting, I was not enthusiastic to shoot the video. I didn’t know if it was also the case for my other groupmates, but I felt that they were also having second thoughts regarding our theme.

Because of some hesitations, we decided to rethink about the storyline of our video. Personally, I thought of something funny, weird video or something like a spoof because I thought that these were the kind of videos which are so “patok” to the viewers. This assumption was further affirmed by Mr. Paolo Pangan of Yehey Philippines who was our guest lecturer last September 19. He said that being funny or sexy are two themes which are absolute to make something viral and his statement was based on his experience in his work.

After some thinking time, we finally decided to do a videoke version of the sort of jologs, super cheesy and super “maka-masa” song which is, as you have seen and heard in the video, Ikaw Na Nga by Willie Revillame. We thought that this video will be a winner to our friends who’ll be very entertained with our cheesy and comical shots.

The Lesson

I mentioned earlier about Sir Mr. Paolo Pangan of Yehey Philippines and we had the privilege to have him as a guest lecturer in our class to talk about viral marketing. His talk inspired me to share our video to you. The viral video we made is one of the many forms of viral marketing. Mr. Pangan discussed in his talk the two central components in every viral marketing—the VIRUS and the CARRIER.


For the case of our viral video, the VIRUS is the video itself. Mr. Pangan said that it is fundamental that the virus should be something that should sell to or is something that would captivate the attention of your target audience. As what I mentioned earlier, humor and sexiness are two proven effective approach. So, I think we were right in choosing to do a spoof for our viral video.


The target audience is what Sir referred to as the CARRIER. He said that even if you are referring to your marketing strategy as viral, it is still important that you target a specific audience who will be the ones to spread the virus. It is vital that you target the right group of people who are opinion leaders, internet savvy and will make an effort to help you spread the virus.

I remember one of our lessons in class—the internet world is much cluttered and there are billions and billions of internet users that is why it is important that you take advantage by identifying where your audience go for you to know where you should place your content and exert your efforts.

I am happy again that our strategy for our viral video is targeted in a way that we specify our friends as our main target audience. Because we know that they will be the ones who are accessible for our promotion and most importantly, they are the ones who will be primarily interested to see as do something laughable. As what my professor told us, our video wouldn’t be that interesting to him if he doesn’t know us. I thought he is definitely right. Someone wouldn’t find our video funny if he/she doesn’t know us.

Another good thing about targeting our friends as our main audience is the fact that there is somehow an unspoken rule among friends that they have to support each other. =)) Since our grade is somehow dependent to the number of views, our audience helped us spread the virus 😀

September 15, 2009

The consumer online

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Traditional Media

Traditional Media

Do you relate to this scenario? I am pretty sure that you do.

You have been persuaded many times to buy something just because you saw a very good commercial with your favorite actress endorsing the product, because you enjoyed the product jingle, and because the 7 signs of aging/signs of hair damage that were enumerated were the things you think you were experiencing.

Think of this, when you watch the TV, do you really intend to look for a product you need? I bet no. But actually, this is what happens most of the time; part of watching your favorite TV program is to watch also some, if not all, of the TV commercials. And when you see TV commercials, it is very likely that you consider of buying the products endorsed. Not that you actually want/need these products, but because the TVC ‘s are designed in such a way that they create the need/want when there is actually none; that is propaganda.

However, today’s generation is actually changing this kind of phenomenon.

New Social Media

New Social Media

More rational, isn’t it? This is what the generation today is doing, especially with the rise of new social media. Finding what you need is just a click away. Moreover, you won’t just find one, but a variety of what you need in order for you to find the one that is right for you.

So, for the organizations out there who want to reach their audience and haven’t gone online yet, maybe you need to rethink your strategies. Review your audience because you may be exhausting all your efforts in traditional media while your target market does not have the patience and the time to wait for your product to pop on their TV while they watch their favorite TV program.

Most of the consumers today already know what they want and they search for it; not wait. So, be wise to make your product searchable and available online.  😀

Change Makers

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The National Students PR Congress this year was themed “We Are The Change Makers”. Indeed, we are change makers in many different ways. This blog is actually an attestation as to how much change we are creating. As members of online communities, we are changing the way people are connected, the way we send and search for information, and many others. But, the Students PR Congress theme was more particular to the change it refers to—the positive societal change we, as the youth, can contribute.

I think that it is too idealistic to say that each of us can contribute something to change our society and that what we can contribute will change others’ lives. But, the persons I met and the speeches I’ve listened to in the PR Congress made me realize that it is in fact realistic, more so now that there is an easier access to the information we need and easier way of connecting to people.

Since I was inspired by the speeches delivered during the PR congress, I’ll try to use the new social media to spread the powerful message that We, are indeed, the change makers.

If you are reading this blog post, you are very fortunate that you know how to read and that you have an access to the internet. I am also very fortunate that I can write and I can blog because I have an access to the internet. So, why am I saying this?

Unfortunately, there are about 11.6 M out of school youth in the Philippines based on a study conducted in 2008. Just when we are thinking about how we can maximize the use of new social media to help organizations and individuals, these youth of our age cannot even write or read.

A group of teens in Cavite is addressing to this problem of the growing number of out of school youth. And if you were thinking how they do this, watch these videos:

I was deeply touched by the simple yet very significant change that this group of teens is making. There are no sophisticated educational materials that they use, no convenient place where they can hold their classes, no definite gains, but they continue to do their part to contribute to the society and fellow youth.

I do not know how to actually do even the slightest of what they contribute to the society, but I am happy that I am able to share this story with you and know that you will also think about the change you can contribute.

August 18, 2009

Organizational Communication

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“New and unfamiliar course”; this is the typical reaction when you tell people about BA Organizational Communication.

Once you are a BA Organizational Communication major, be ready with your explanations because until you are about to graduate— just like me—or even after graduation—in you work—there will always be people who will ask what Organizational Communication is all about and what you do when you are in this course. A funnier experience is when you are asked about your course and you answer that you are taking up Organizational Communication and the person will ask you again thinking that he/she didn’t hear your answer right.

The confuse look and strange reaction are what I usually get when I am asked about my course. I must be very familiar with the unfamiliarity of BA Organizational Communication to many people because I have experienced it myself. Honestly, I took OrCom as my college course without a full understanding of what it is all about and what is my future after I graduate from this course.

My mom got mad at me and attempted to enroll me to a different university—I almost said goodbye to UP— because the course is unfamiliar. We know very well what communication is all about, but Organizational Communication is something very much unknown to most of the public. And, it is sad that it is the case because Organizational Communication is a very promising course.

So, to save you from experiencing what I experienced before, read on this blog and you shall be saved! 😀

What is BA Organizational Communication?

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communication is an undergraduate course which gives an emphasis on the study of communication—internal and external—and its effect to the processes, networks, and environment inside and outside the organization.

Here in the Philippines, UP Manila is the pioneer of the Organizational Communication. The founder of the course is Dr. A. Sarile.

What do I learn if I take BA Organizational Communication as an undergraduate course?

Students taking the course are provided with intensive lessons and trainings on different communication dynamics that are vital in the operations of an organization.  Students will be trained in different levels and fields of communication to address the demands of the organization—both internal and external.

For a detailed version of the courses of the program, click on this link http://vinculum.alpsaguado.com/2009/08/organizational-communication/#more-85

What careers can I pursue upon earning a degree on BA Organizational Communication?

One of the most wonderful things about earning a degree on BA Organizational Communication is that you won’t be boxed as to what fields you can go into. Many say that students under the program are jack of all trades and it is an edge nowadays since many companies require people with interdisciplinary training.

When you earn a degree on Organizational Communication, you can pursue careers in the following fields:

  1. Corporate Communications
  2. Advertising
  3. Sales and Marketing
  4. Human Resources Management
  5. Public Relations
  6. Broadcast Media
  7. Communication Research
  8. Management

In accordance, it was just last week that we had a guest lecturer in class who is a graduate of OrCom and now runs her own company that specializes in Search Engine Optimization. You can check out her site: http://www.siegwebsolutions.com/

Here are 10 fast facts about Organizational Communication provided by my batchmates to further help you know more about the course.

10 Fast Facts about Organizational Communication

10 Fast Facts about Organizational Communication

What does the statistics say?

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I believe that the most important thing about our study of the different communication trends and styles in our course is the knowledge as to how these communication trends and styles actually affect organizations.

Indeed, New Social Media is now one of the richest and most in demand communication tool in different organizations all over the world today. Although a lot of organizations are still skeptic to this new and sophisticated communication tool, we can say that the penetration of New Social Media is growing rapidly, and we cannot actually do anything to stop it.

In our class last Saturday we discussed the study conducted by Universal McCann http://www.scribd.com/doc/4420863/Universal-MaCann-WAVE-3 regarding consumer usage, attitudes and interests in adopting social media platforms. From the study, it was very evident how consumers in the Philippines are enormously embracing the use of New Social Media.

Despite the fact that different studies already present statistics regarding the high level of penetration of New Social Media here in the Philippines, many organizations choose not to use this kind of communication tool. And, I believe that the primary reason why organizations cannot accept the use of this new communication tool is because they still do not realize the impact—positive or negative— of such statistics to the overall success of the organization.

 As for our activity in this class meeting, we were told to present to the CEO the implications of the statistics shown in the study to our organization because these statistics will surely mean nothing if it won’t be proven that it has significant effect to the organization. The presentation happens during a meeting for the launch of a new variant in our dishwashing product line. The challenge is to evidently illustrate that the use of new social media will in fact affect the organization and its development.

Our group identified that the high Social Media penetration here in the Philippines has considerable impacts to the organization. And though the organization is in superior state, we cannot just ignore and not make use of New Social Media because:

There is a rapidly growing market in the internet. Organizations cannot disregard the growing market in the internet especially that this market is growing very fast. Moreover, this growing market may be untapped yet, or they may not be reached by the traditional marketing schemes that the organization is doing. For example, some working moms no longer have time to watch the TV or listen to radio on which advertisements are usually aired. Therefore, using the internet is a brilliant supplementary marketing strategy to reach this market.

 The internet can be a means to expand the organization globally. In the culture of New Social Media, we are introduced to the challenge of thinking and acting globally. As we all know, the connection in the internet is in a global scale, so once the organization uses the internet, it can be a start to introduce the organization and its products globally. Especially if the quality of the product is high-class, the use of the internet may give excellent opportunities for the expansion of the organization.

The use of internet is cheaper, can be more targeted, and has a more long-lasting effect to the organization. Unlike TV, radio, and print advertisements which are very expensive and exposed in a very limited time, new social media can provide a long-lasting and cheaper marketing/advertising approach.

Furthermore, the information and the advertisement will be easily available to everyone anywhere and anytime they want it so long as they have the internet connection. We must also take note that the internet is very much accessible to almost everyone in all the different classes of the society.

There are also different forum in the internet which are devoted to specific group of people. By targeting this groups which are distinct, the organization can penetrate a more specific market. In addition, the organization can offer the product in a more personal manner.


 Most organizations are threatened with the sophisticated features of the internet. Also, organizations cannot yet accept the liberty and empowerment that New Social Media gives the members of the organization and its consumers. But then again, if organizations will not cope with the changes that are happening, the consequences may be worse.

The transition from traditional communication to the age of New Social Media is indeed complicated to many organizations, but we must remember that there is now way to stop this phenomenon so it is better to start to cope with this change NOW.

July 26, 2009

Human Nature

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Web is infecting organizations with the characteristics of its own.

A web is a disorganized network. I wonder how this kind of connection is infecting the organization when I thought that organizations are obsessed with order and sense.

When I read the Hyperlinked Organizations, I thought about our OrCom 101 class where we studied about organization theories. For that course, I reported about the classical theory of organizations where the people inside the organizations were viewed as machines. That was the characteristic of the organizations until the human side of the organization was exposed and organizations needed to adapt the relational approach. The classical and relational theories were just two out of the five (as far as I remember) theories, including systems, cultural, critical, that we studied.

Organizations have gone through tremendous evolution. As time passes by, new elements of the organization are being revealed. The revelation of these elements eventually leads to change; and, an organization cannot survive unless it adapts to the changes by modifying its approach.

In our present time, organizations are faced with a very significant challenge—the rise of new social media, which introduces a revolutionized way of sharing information, innovative organizational structure, and decentralization of power to name a few.  

We traditionally picture an organization as a network of people linked in a hierarchy, which illustrates the power, the function, and the position of the people in it. But now, organizational members cannot be boxed into such kind of organizational image. If before, scalar chain is the most efficient way of doing things, now, it will incapacitate the organization.

In a hyperlinked organization, there is no longer distinction as to how people are connected and who has the central authority. The Web enables us to be equal to all the other members of the link. We need no authorization from anyone to be link to another. We cannot even count how many pages are there that we can access and link. A click can take you to whatever information you need, whenever you want. The world is essentially at your fingertips.

Aside from the liberty to gain access and links without asking from other’s permission, this hyperlink also permits a significant level of anonymity. It no longer matter where and to whom the information comes from and access to information is exceptionally free and extremely fast.

Knowing all these characteristics of the Hyperlinked organization I wonder what element of the organization has basically gave rise to this revolution. Relational Approach is based on the human side of the organization—the emotions of the people, systems is based on the recognition of the larger environment the organization is a part, cultural is the response to the people’s need to identify and belong themselves, and lastly, critical approach aims to emancipate the members of the organization.

All the premises for the organizational approaches I have studied so far are distinct, unless in the Hyperlinked Organizations. The Web metaphor of the organization is a remarkable picture of the people’s empowerment.

 Organizations are humans. For the longest time, we are made to believe that organizations are organized so there needs to be order. But, the truth is, humans are what constitute an organization. Humans, who are by their true nature, are free. And the Web is the connection among humans—with free minds and hearts.

We are inescapably part of the Web where we can reveal our true selves; because real connection needs no boundaries.

2 is never 2 if 1 is subtracted from it

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What makes a relationship work? Is it compatibility? understanding? respect? loyalty?

What if the passion in your relationship is fading, how can you bring it back?

Such complicated questions, aren’t they? And I bet it is improbable to have a general answer for these. I don’t think there is an absolute formula to make a relationship work, though one thing, I suppose, is for sure—a relationship cannot survive if one party is no longer in to it. Therefore, both parties must be equally considered. Because no matter how superior the other party can be, it won’t make a good and lasting relationship without the other.

A break up scenario is not just for romantic couples; it happens to a lot of relationship—friends, mother and daughter, siblings, business partners, and almost all the possible relationship you could think of.

In our class last Saturday, we watched a break up video—a consumer asking for divorce from the advertiser. I know that this kind of break up is not typical to be illustrated, though it happens in reality so frequently. Most especially in our present time that consumers are on a state of evolution.

Watch the video and I bet you could easily relate to it whether because you are a consumer or because you are a lover 😉


In the video, I noted two winner lines, which I think are very important to reflect on.

“I’ve changed and you haven’t”

Coping with change is very challenging; but I think that the most problematic part about change is when you cannot recognize what has changed. Imagine how you can cope when you don’t even know what’s changed.

Another issue which is almost as problematic as the first is when the other party is in denial. I think this is a very common response to change. When you can’t cope with it, you tend to disregard it. When your partner tells you that he’s lost the feeling and wanted to go out of your relationship, would you believe him when he’s been so in love with you for the past four years you’ve been together? Could you accept that he’s no longer in to you? Could you afford to?

The consumer in the video has clearly stated that she’s changed. Her preference changed, her hang out place changed, but the advertiser did not care to listen. He kept on insisting his old ways to reach to the consumer even these don’t work anymore. He can’t/don’t want to believe the consumer that there’s something essentially wrong in their relationship. He’s most probably in denial.

“If you knew me, you’d know I don’t care about that”

This is something that is very frustrating in a relationship. When your significant other no longer know what matters to you. It’s like my friend who is complaining about her boyfriend because her boyfriend would always give her a dinner date for their monthsary. A dinner date is something very sweet so I wonder why my friend complains about it. But, she told me that she’s being frustrated because what she wanted to receive a letter or a card, or something tangible, and not a dinner date which is what they always have.

The story of my friend is very simple, and maybe petty, yet it is a recurring problem in their relationship—she receiving something from her boyfriend and yet always complaining because what she receives is not what she likes. Her boyfriend might think that my friend is being unreasonable, only because he can’t understand and do not accept that he must change his ways because he is spending his efforts to things that don’t matter to his girlfriend.

It is like the advertiser in the video. Just when he thought he has been a good partner, spending all his effort and money in different ads, the consumer decides to ask for a divorce. This only signifies that it is not enough for an advertiser to invest and make an effort to reach the consumers. What the advertiser needs to do is to understand his/her consumers’ needs and wants straight from the consumers and not rely only on what he/she thinks is in demand or not. 

The rise of new social media is one of the most influential elements in the consumers’ evolution. Consumers now have the power to free themselves from the autocracy of the advertisers. They now have the avenues where they can voice out their opinions—both praises and criticisms—with almost no restrictions. And the advertisers have no way to stop them.

The consumers have also freed themselves to the territories of the advertisers. They now found their own domain in the internet world—a world where they are no longer inferior.  Consumers now have the ability to tell the advertisers what they want. If the advertisers fail to realize the importance of the voice of their consumers, they most probably would be left behind.

So if you’re experiencing problems with your relationship and you wanted to bring back the love, then maybe you need to hear what your partner has to say. Because even if I started this blog asking how your relationship would work, I’m sorry but I cannot give you answers, only pointers 😀 And I hope the video did help 😉

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